What Comes, Of America, Without Liberty And Justice, For All?

Over 240 years ago, what we now, alarm the United States of America, decided, it was essential, to action for its independence, and our Founding Fathers, attempted to actualize a nation, based on liberty, and justice, for all. Since then, there has been a war, amid the states, accepted as the Civilian War, which is remembered for abounding things, but memorable because of President Lincoln’s, Gettysburg Address, with the acclaimed sentiment, brought alternating a chargeless nation, committed to the proposition, that all men, are created equal. Our nation fought in the aboriginal and second, Apple War’s, with the declared intention, of angry for abandon and animal rights. We entered into the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, for supposedly, agnate reasons. President Lyndon Johnson fought to accept the rights broadened, for all Americans, behindhand of race, etc, in the 1960′s, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, was assassinated, for his efforts, to accompany about, true, civilian rights. Afterwards the atrocities of the agitator attacks of September 11, 2001, the backward comedian, George Carlin, warned us, if we do not assure all our freedoms, then, The terrorists win. However, in the endure few years, we accept witnessed address and vitriol, by several politicians, adopted officials, and so – called, journalists, with a polarizing, level, we accept witnessed, in generations. Yesterday, in Mississippi, the voters of that state, determined, and decided, they would accept a woman, who fabricated several, apparently, racist, anarchic comments, and what does that say, about our citizens? President Trump, whether, because of his accurate beliefs, or for some personal/ political agenda, and cocky – interest, has stoked the fears of many, pitting citizen, adjoin citizen, ethnicity/ race, adjoin ethnicity/ race, and created an atmosphere, area many, are concerned, with the attack to transform us, from apropos all our rights and freedoms/ liberties, to selectively accomplishing so, for claimed reasons, etc!

1. The Statue of Liberty: We proudly, point, to the attempt declared on the Statue of Liberty, area we proclaim, to accord us, your neediest, and oppressed, who seek freedom. In today’s world, Lady Liberty, and abounding of our Founding Fathers, and the abandon fighters, who came in afterwards generations, would apparently be ashamed, of what we are witnessing!

2. Blame and complain: President Trump continues to clear a message, blaming, abnormally immigrants, and/ or, those gluttonous asylum, for whatever, he seems to believe, his amount supporters, ability be motivated by! Instead of affable all, while demography amenable assurance accomplish and precautions, there has been a lumping together, of specific ethnicities, etc. If America fails to lead, the world, in the action for animal rights, freedoms, and liberties, our character and cause, will be lost, in the best – run!

3. The American Way: Wouldn’t we be bigger served, if the mission of Superman, seeking, truth, amends and the American Way, was actively considered, and believed in/ followed?

4. Economic/ tax policy: Historically, Trickle – Down Economics, has never worked, effectively, over the best – term! The tax reform, passed, in 2017, rather than decidedly acceptable and confined the average – class, and a lot of Americans, predominantly assisted, and benefited, the wealthiest people, and our better corporations. Shouldn’t we focus on capital animal needs, such as ecology (clean air and water), bloom care, etc, instead of, merely, the wealthiest, acceptable even, wealthier?

5. Foreign priorities: What bulletin does it say, and what are we affirming, if our President, supports a adopted nation, which we do, cogent business with, even after, our Intelligence agencies, proclaim, they committed animal rights atrocities?

Wake up, America, and angle – up, for all our freedoms and liberties, or, realize, the future, will become, far beneath free, and just! Will you demand, your accessible officials, accent these basal rights?

– health care korea